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Posted by on May 23, 2019
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Receive New Listing Notifications Matching What Your Looking For Right To Your Inbox!

Once you register you can Save Your Searches and receive Email Notifications on all new listings matching your Saved Searches.

Search Residential, Vacation or Commercial Listings.

Communicate directly with agent, builder or property owner.

You can view All your Saved Searches within your Profile under Saved Searches.

To receive New Listing Alerts matching your Search criteria do the following:

  • Login,
  • Go To Advanced Property Search
  • In Advanced Property Search, go through each Search Field and select desired search.
    • In All Actions select if you are looking for Rentals or Sales.
    • In All Types select the Type of Property you are looking for.
    • Select desired location under Countries. Note: We currently only list properties in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Quintana Roo, Virgin Islands (U.S.), British Virgin Islands, Barbados, Belize, Roatán and Cayman Islands.
    • Prices you can skip or if you want to search by price enter only numerical values for each price e.g. in maximum price you can enter 1000000 to limit your search to properties at $1,000,000 and under.
  • For the remaining Fields select Yes if you want to search for properties with the desired criteria. Example, if you are looking for New Construction properties, select Yes. Do not select the text New Construction. Select this text only to delete the selected search field and do another search.
  • Once you have selected all your desired search fields, hit Search and
  • Name and Save the Search. Example Puerto Rico Beachfront properties.

You are all set! You will receive an email notification each time a new listing is added matching your saved searches.

Users can even receive notification even when a Search with no properties matching the User’s Search Criteria is returned. In other words, you perform a search for a property located in a Marina Community but the search returns with no properties. You can still save this search and when a property located in a Marina Community in the selected location is added you will receive a notification.

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